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Fresh and local

Lunch and overtime dishes

Price 69-89kr


  • Barley salad with root vegetables and onion cream

  • "Cuban-style" sandwich with BBQ pork

  • Chicken Tabbouleh

  • Asian vegan noodle salad

  • Spanish potato salad with laying chicken thighs and mustard aioli

  • Falafel with baked vegetables

  • Salmon with vegetables and hummus


From Modern Catering, Compass Food, and Nobel Catering

Smaller meals and refreshing drinks



Durability with quality

Lunch and overtime dishes

Price SEK 45-69


  • Wrap Chicken

  • Chicken Pasta Salad

  • Sandwich Club

  • Taco wrap with meat and sour cream

  • Calzone with ham

  • Pasta meat sauce

  • Chicken and rice

From Nordic Lunch, Waldemars, and Fjordland

Smaller meals and refreshing drinks


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