S: mart is open about how we work and how we handle your personal information.

Below we will inform you how and why we collect personal information, including cookies, as well as your rights and our responsibility for you as a visitor and any customer.

The information we collect about you is the contact information we consider relevant to contact you and give you the best offer for our product.


What are cookies?

Cookies (also called cookies) are small text files that the browser stores on your computer.

A website may ask the browser to store information in a cookie. For subsequent page views on the same website, the browser will always send with the information contained in cookies for the domain you are visiting.

Cookies are thus the browser's memory regarding your visit to a given website. A cookie may, for example, contain information that you have provided to the website in a form, eg booking an appointment.

A cookie can also contain information about your preferences based on which subpages you visit.

Many cookies contain only an automatically generated reference number for your browser / visit, which the website can use to aggregate statistics about traffic - what the user clicks on, where does the traffic come from, how often is the average user on the front page, etc. These are statistics used for to improve the site and the service.

What cookies do we use?

S: mart does not set cookies that can be linked to you as a person, but if other people use your computer, they will be able to get content that is based on your preferences.

By using our website, you agree to cookies being set in your browser.

How do I prevent cookies from being stored on my computer?

You can prevent such cookies from being stored by changing your browser settings. Then, however, the pages will not work optimally. You can also delete cookies in the browser or by file processing.


For questions regarding deletion, access or correction, please contact: