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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the app on App Store or Google Play

In App Store, search "S:mart" In Google Play, search "S:mart Minikiosk"

Customer-registration - why do you need my telephone-number?

We need your telephone-number in order to send you an sms-code to verify you are a customer

S:mart-app won't work - what do I do?

We will be instantly notified should there be malfunctioning on the S:mart-app, and will send out a user-message when it has been fixed. You can pay for your purchase in arreas. Feel free to contact us via chat should you have any further questions.

How do I get a receipt for my purchase?

Proceed to "My purchases" and click "SEND RECEIPT VIA EMAIL".

How can I check and see if my purchase was accepted?

Proceed to "My Purchases" for an overview of your purchase-history.

What is a "micro-market"?

A micro-market (also known as a mini-kiosk) is a new generation of vending-units. The kiosk is often a refrigerator stocked with healthy light-meals, snacks and drinks that can be purchased through an app.

What's the difference between a micro-market and a vending machine?

Vending-machines are normally located in public spaces like train-, tram-stations and schools. The content is typically soft-drinks, snacks and light meals. Customers pay for these with cash, card or smart-phone. Micro-market, meanwhile, are self-service kiosks where customers can choose products on open shelves, refrigerators and/or freezers. A mini-market is located in closed office-spaces and serve as a self-service mini-cantina/kiosk for employees. Customers pay for the products with their smart-phones.

What to consider before renting a micro-market?

1. Placement. Where should it be placed - in a public space or an office? 2. Consider managing unit yourself or order as a service 3. Consider the following factors when choosing which products to sell: a) Shelf-life and temperature-requirements b) Size, weight and shape of product c) Drop test

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