Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find the S:mart app on the App Store or Google Play

On the App Store, search for "Smart Minikantine".

On Google Play, search for "Smart Minikantine".

Why do you need my phone number?

We need your phone number so we can send you an
SMS-code to verify that you are a customer.

The S:mart app does not work - what do I do?

We will be updated immediately if there are problems in the S:mart app, and then send out a user message when the problem has been fixed. You can pay for your purchase when the app is in order.

Where can I find a receipt for my purchase?

Click on "Receipt" for an overview of your purchases. You can choose to have them sent to your email by clicking on them.

How can I find out if my purchase was approved?


Click on "Receipt" for an overview of your purchases.

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact us via the chat-box or send us an email on

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