Easy, Healthy and S:mart


The challenges we solve

We've set out to tackle a common challenge facing many employees:

  • Going hungry through the workday

  • Wasting time going out to buy food

  • Often picking unhealthy snack options

S:mart is a digital mini-canteen that fits perfectly in any work-environment.

App-based mini-canteen at your workplace

Choice of Products

We keep the mini-canteen stocked with appetising and healthy small meals, snacks, drinks and overtime-food,
at low prices 

Easy to Pay

Employees can easily pay using our app (via Vipps or debit card)
and the canteen is open
24 hours a day

Zero Risk

S:mart takes full responsibility for any food-waste

Some of the many workplaces using S:mart


An investment in employees

Makes it easier to choose healthy options

With an S:mart at your office you get access to healthy food and drinks throughout the workday.

Increases satisfaction and productivity

Access to healthy and tasty food and drink leads to increased comfort, productivity and concentration at your workplace.

Reduces costs

Reduces the time and money spent on planning and ordering food and drink for the workplace.  

Try S:mart for free at your workplace

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