S:mart food solutions
for the office


Always open
where you are


Here you will always find small meals,
snacks and drinks.

Fresh Delivery

Order fresh
meals daily


Pre-order lunch, meeting food and overtime food delivered daily.

What is S:mart Mini-Kiosk


A self-service fridge with a lock function is installed at your workplace


Choose between bestselling meals, snacks and drinks at low cost


Always open and available through the entire workday 

What is S:mart Fresh Delivery


Pre-order meals for lunches, meetings and overtime-shifts in the S:mart app.


Choose between energising, healthy and tasty dishes from our local producers at low cost.


We deliver daily on a regular basis.


Why choose S:mart?

Save money with an effective solution and low product prices

Increase employee well-being with a
24-hour offer

Reduce food waste with our smart technology

Some of the many workplaces using S:mart

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Full Service


Simple installation

The fridge is easily installed at your workplace - only 1m2 and a power-socket required.


Carefully chosen products
Tasty bestsellers are picked based on collected data and in partnership with local producers


Restocking and delivery
Vi restock weekly based on products bought, and gather orders of fresh-produce for daily delivery.


Reasonable prices
Cheap produce ensure that employees will always prefer S:mart, and are open for discounts.


Reduced waste
We take responsibility for any risks related to food waste, and our smart technology helps minimise this.

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